It’s never easy to lose a loved one, especially when you’ve been entangled in someone’s life (and them in yours) for decades. However, there’s peace in knowing that your loved one is being prepared and cared for by reliable, respectable funeral homes in Baltimore, MD. There are several funeral homes to choose from, and all of them are welcoming to friends and family with customizations and specifications about the kind of funerals they want for their loved ones. However, it’s important to shop around for comparisons, because not every funeral home is the same in what they offer.

To the title question… some funeral homes host large audiences, but it’s dependent on the number of people in attendance and the kind of space within the funeral home. For burials, there’s more room in a cemetery for a large group of people. In funeral homes, however, space is limited. Where one funeral home might be able to hold 200 people in attendance for a viewing and funeral, another funeral home in the same county might be able to hold only 40 to 50.

Is a Funeral an Important or Essential Part of the Grieving Process?

No, funeral homes aren’t an essential part of the grieving process. There’s no linear way to mourn the loss of a loved one. What’s important and essential for you might not be as important or essential to someone else. For many, funerals are final goodbyes and ways for someone to make peace with the death of a loved one.

Is There Etiquette to Uphold at a Funeral?

As much as funerals are different, each one has a different vibe. You might sing and dance at a celebration of life, but a traditional funeral could have a somber, formal tone. It’s dependent on how the funeral was planned.

On average, the vibe of a funeral is respectful and solemn. People uphold traditions, like dressing in black to express gloomy consternations, and the overall tone is subdued and sober. Etiquette is formal, and people often speak in whispers to friends and family.

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How Does a Celebration of Life Differ from a Traditional Funeral?

Celebrations of life have a more joyful tone than traditional funerals. Where traditional funerals are can be somber, celebrations of life can be boisterous. People laugh, smile, tell stories, sing songs, dance, feast, and drink in memorial of a loved one. In some cases, a traditional funeral can be combined with a celebration of life. Friends and family can host a viewing and classic funeral services before holding a celebratory reception to honor their late loved one. 

Every funeral home is slightly different in what they offer, but most funeral homes strive to give compassion and an empathetic, positive experience to the loved ones of a decedent (deceased person). This compassion and respect come in the form of being there to listen to concerns and help friends and family cope with the loss. It’s not easy, but the right funeral home can help you manage your grief a little easier. You can learn more about funeral homes in Baltimore, MD. Talk to us at Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. to schedule a consultation and learn about cremation services/funeral home services. Visit our office in Baltimore or call our location.