There are many important decisions you will have to make if you are in charge after a loved one passes on. One of the first things you will have to decide is whether you will go with a traditional burial or cremation services in Baltimore, MD. Before you decide, review these considerations to help you make the right choice.

Cremation Helps Keep Loved Ones Present

Some families like the idea of placing their loved one in the ground with a headstone so they always have somewhere to go visit them. But there are other families who don’t like to be apart from their loved one. If you plan to move, or might someday, it could be hard to leave your loved one behind in their cemetery plot. Cremation is one way to keep your loved one present and wit you at all times. You can place a nice-looking urn on the mantel and have them be a part of your everyday existence. If you are ever to move to another city, you can take them with you without a problem.

Cremation Demands Less Planning

When you are grieving for a family member, the last thing you really want to do is worry over final arrangements. You might have to do quite a bit to organize a traditional burial. Even if you are working with a funeral home, there are more decisions to make. If you go with cremation, things can be much more simplified. Once you choose cremation, all you have to do is figure out what type of memorial service you would like to put into place.

Cremation Saves On Costs

If you have a limited budget available, or your loved one left behind money and there’s not much to go around, cremation is a good answer for tight costs. Cremation costs less than traditional burial and it is still a perfectly acceptable, respectful disposition method. If you know your loved one would be okay with cremation, you might want to choose it to keep the costs down. You can then use anything left over for a memorial bench, a special tree, or other things that would mean even more to your loved one.

There are no right or wrong reasons for choosing cremation services in Baltimore, MD over other options. It’s all about what your family members need now and what your loved one would have wanted for their final services. You are doing the best you can with the information you have to work with. When you are ready to look into options or make arrangements, contact Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A. at (410) 327-3100. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have. Understand that we are here to help you through this difficult time. We’ll treat your loved one with the respect and dignity they deserve, and you’ll get nothing but the utmost compassion from us every step of the way. Come by and visit with us at 5126 Belair Rd Baltimore, MD 21206. Discover more about our compassionate funeral and cremation services by visiting Our website is here to guide you through this challenging time, providing the support and information you need to honor your loved ones with dignity and care.