Dealing with funeral directors of funeral homes in Baltimore, MD, may not be something you avoid forever. It might not happen now but might occur one day. So, it is always okay to prepare yourself ahead of the engagement with these funeral directors.

As it is with many businesses, there are different things that the top guys don’t want you to know. Usually, these things are what they profit from and don’t want you to find an alternative. So, they technically keep them away from you unless you deliberately ask them.

This post examines some of the five things funeral directors don’t want you to know except you ask them.

The Five Things Funeral Directors Don’t Want You to Know Except You Ask Them.

Funeral directors are out there to make as much profit as possible for their business, and for them, it is okay not to spill all the beans. Here are the top 5 things they don’t want you to know

1. You don’t have to pay upfront: Who doesn’t like getting advance payment for services rendered? But, of course, funeral directors will keep mute on this and let you trust them with your money. And for many funeral homes, you will always get value for the money paid. However, if you are unsure, it is possible to pay after the funeral service has been completed. Recently, some are even arranging for a pay-on-death account. What this does is that it allows you to plan your funeral and deposit money in your bank. Then, after your death and the funeral, the funeral home gets access to the funds.

2. The funeral is free if you are a veteran: You are entitled to a funeral if you are an honorably discharged veteran. The Veterans Affairs National Cemetery is organizing this funeral. It is part of your reward for your service to the nation.

3. You don’t have to use the casket from the funeral home: Funeral homes may want you to use the coffins they produce or refer you to. There is nothing wrong with this except that many of the baskets are expensive. This is why you should consider other alternatives. You can always find cheaper caskets out there.

4. You don’t have to embalm: Embalming might seem like the normal process, but it is always optional. It is only necessary if you want to wait before burying or cremating the body. If the burial is done within a few days, you can always skip embalming. And just so you know, many funeral homes have refrigerators that can store the body for the first few days.funeral homes in Baltimore, MD

5. You can always pick an individual price sheet breakdown over a packaged deal: Funeral directors might want to save you the stress and offer you a packaged deal. This, however, might not be useful in the end. Yes, you might need some parts of the packaged deal, but other add-ons you paid for might not be relevant. The best way to avoid this is to request an individual price sheet breakdown. This will enable you to choose only the things that you need.


In Baltimore, MD, funeral homes have funeral directors willing to help you. But this won’t happen unless you approach them with the right questions. Above are the five things they probably don’t want you to know. But, now that you have found out, let them know your position so you can have a seamless funeral service.